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Shaikh Hussain 

May Allah reward you for providing an opportunity to glimpse at the Roza of Hazrath Syed Peeran e peer Ghaus al Azam Dastgeer Raziallahu anh which would not have been possible for a miskiin like me. Jazak Allahu was khairan

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Zafar Ali 

Can you please upload the Namaz timetable

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I was wondering when will you be uploading video of Urs Hazrat Pir Syed Abul Kamal Barq Naushahi (r.a)

held in april can you please let me know?

Ahmed Samih Dabbousi  

I dreamt of a friend of mine who's a Sufi murid giving it it to me unfortunately I lost his contact number but I know there's a message behind that dream and especially the qasidah burdah please let him have it or u u can show a link where I can download it fully.
thank you.

Ahmed Samih Dabbousi  

Assalamu Alaikom. I was searching the website and YouTube site for beautiful qasida burdah but amongst the many videos available I was fascinated and attracted to your version but unfortunately it wasn't a full qasida, I wish to have it fully without any part missing, May Allah Almighty bless you all.
Thank u.


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Mehmoona Fatima Yasin 


 Assalamoaliakum Dear Sisters and Brothers


In relation to Sister Yasmeen Ilyas requesting photos,videos and information about Sufi Basafa Alhaaj Khalifah Qari Muhammed Yasin Qureshi Qadri Naushahi R.A (May Allah Ta’la grant him Jannah.ameen), as his youngest daughter I feel that it is my upmost duty to respond and speak a few words of my dear and loving Abu Jaan.


Khalifah Sahib R.A; also recognised as ‘Qureshi Sahib RA’, was and is a dear Khalifah of Qibla Peer Syed Mahroof Hussain Shah Arif Qadri Naushahi.

On Tuesday 30th November 2010 Khalifah Sahib RA breathed his last and left this world after reciting Kalimah Shihadat 3times.

He was a true devotee of our beloved Hazrath Muhammed SAW, Hazrath Ghaus-ul-Azam RA and Harath Ganj Baksh Qadri Naushahi RA.


Khalifah Sahib RA was born in Pakistan in Azad Kashmir. Khalifah Sahib RA belonged to a religious family. His Father and Grandfather were religious Scholars. He received his basic religious education and learnt Quran Majeed from his Father. Khalifah Sahib RA did Imamath at a very young age as his Father was gravely ill.

After Khalifah Sahib’s RA Father passed from this world at the age of 10 he came to England. Khalifah Sahib RA swore Bai’th with Qibla Pir Sahib in 1983 and within the 3 months he was honoured the spiritual succession and authority in the order of Naushahi Qadri. This evidently is the title of ‘Khalifah’.

In 1985 Khalifah Sahib RA established a mosque in Rotterdam, Holland. He was made President, Imaam, and Preacher for almost a decade; whilst being employed at a factory. With the guidance of Qibla Peer Sahib Khalifah Sahib RA continued to serve Islam along with his colleagues and Naushahi friends.

Khalifah Sahib RA then returned to Preston England with the permission of Qibla Peer Sahib; where he then established Bazm-e-Naushahia. Qibla Peer Sahib is the patron of the Bazme, even today. Throughout his life he worked long hour shifts during the day but still attended late night Mehfils.

Khalifah Sahib RA devoted his life, time and efforts to Islam and Silsila Qadria Naushahia. Khaliaf Sahib RA co-ordinated and celebrated weekly Mehfils, monthly Giy’arvin Shareefs and URS Mubarak & Milaad Paak’s throughout the year with the guidance of Qibla Peer Sahib.

Whilst he travelled to Pakistan at each visit he organised and celebrated many URS Mubarak’s in Rawalpindi under the permission of Qibla Peer Sahib.


Qibla Khalifah Sahib RA was originally buried in Azad Kashmir where he was visiting at the time; against our knowledge and wishes (immediate family). But Qibla Peer Sahib and we had declared Khalifah Sahib RA as Imaathi basis for life so that we could move him to his proper burial place. The plan was and is to make a Mizhaar Mubarak for Khaliah Sahib RA.

We bought the land in Rawalpindi in 2011 and we tried to remove him from Azad Kashmir. Our efforts failed as the villagers refused and caused riots.

Myself and my Walda Sahibah went to Pakistan in July 2012 solely for this purpose and asked for assistance from many Ministers’, Head Commissioners and Police of both Azad Kashmir and Punjaab.

We visited the esteem Darbaar of Hazrath Nausha Ganj Baksh Qadri Ra and prayed for our mission to be a success. After all Khalifah Sahib RA was a true disciple and believer.

We took action by taking ambulances and Police to carry out our mission. But yet again we failed. The second time again we tried on the same visit we got mobbed by thousands. We were reported against in over 10 newspapers and TV.

But we did not back down. This was something we HAD to do. Eventually with the dua’s and  support of Qibla Peer Sahib and assistance of the Police Force we succeeded third time Alhamdullilah.


Khalifah Sahib RA was buried as an ‘imaanthi’ basis on Thursday 2nd December 2010 in Azad Kaashmir Pakistan. And on Wednesday 11th July 2012 he was exhumed and taken to Rawalpindi, Pakistan.




As a witness and many other witnesses we saw that once the first stone was removed the Kabr Mubarak smelt of roses. There was not even a cobweb in the Kabr Mubarak. Originally the top of the coffin was removed and put to the side when he was buried BUT we saw that the Kafan Mubarak was unmistakably clean, white and decay free. We were not shocked or surprise; we knew that a true disciple and believer of friends of Allah Ta'ala that no ant would touch him. He was pious, truthful and forgiving. In our hearts of hearts we had faith in our Kahlifah Sahib RA. And this showed the world, in particular the villagers that there was a Vali amongst us. As Qibla Peer Sahib has numerously said. There was Noor on his face and body.It was an amazing sight. SUBHANALLAH. His beard beard Mubarak shone like glistening stars and no muscle had shrunk on his body. Khalifah Sahib RA was just as beautiful as he was breathing in this world.

He was removed and basically ‘picked up’ from the original coffin and placed into the new one.

Muhammed k ghulamun ka kafan meila nahi hotha


We took sprays and ordered fully air conditioned ambulance however we did not use the sprays nor was the air conditioner turned on throughout the journey of 5 hours. It was raining heavy on the day and when we reached Rawalpindi the temperature had gone up and the sun was shining.

This was all done with the permission of our Qibla Peer Sahib with his nigaha-e- karam that were successive of our difficult yet achievable mission. 


Qibla Peer Sahib has decided to write a book on Khalifah Sahib RA and this esteem succession.

I have written a few words about Khalifah Sahib RA and I know that I have not done him justice. I myself cannot express what Khalifah SahibRA did in his life and how much devotion he had for his deen & Islam or what peace and harmony he brought to everyone around him.  


The photos and videos are being processed and will be uploaded very soon Inshallah.


The resting place of Qibla Khalifah Sahib is at;


Capital Home Sector

H13 Near Community Police Centre

Shamas Colony




The Mizhaar Mubarak for Khalifah Sahib RA will be underway soon and if anybody would like to donate towards (however small) please contact me at the following e-mail address.


If anybody has any further questions please contact on this e-mail address;


I would like to congratulate Brother Shahid of his extensive work for this website and pray to Allah Ta’la that he succeeds in all that he does.ameen




Mehmoona Fatima Yasin Qureshi Naushahi

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Shahid Naushahi 

As-salaamu Alaykum

With regards to the request for more information about Khalifa Sahib (ra).....

Do you know everything about Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?
Do you know everything about the four blessed companions (ra)
Do you know everything about Shaykh Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani (ra)
Do you know everything about Syed Nausha Ganj Bakhsh Qadri (ra)?

I am 100% confident, that your answer will be no.

yasmeen ilyas 

i would like to no more about khalifa sahib (RA) and any videos of khalifa sahib (RA) pleases load up. thank you.

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yousuf gabriel 




BY  Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel

              Modern science has during its three centuries of constant struggle made a number of discoveries, as established facts and as hypotheses and our philosophers have placed their interpretations on them. Yet out of various probable lines of interpretations, the philosophers have assumed a line that evidently appears as the echo of the doctrinal implications of early Greek Atomism, implications that are basically atheistic and exact antithesis of the doctrines of revealed religion. Science has discovered that (a) our home, this earth is incredibly small in comparison to the unimaginably vast-universe- around it. (b) Life could exist only in zones that are utterly insignificant against the immensely vast regions of the universe incapable of producing life. (c) Life can only exist on the planets like earth and such planets are a rarity. From these facts our philosophers have argued that this universe could not have been designed primarily to produce life like our own. Had it been so, a better proportion between the magnitude of the mechanism and the amount of the product could have been expected. At first glance, at least, they say, life appeared as unimportant by product. We living things were somehow off the main line, they thought.

Although the early Greek Atomists did not hint at this point, yet the line of the argument of our philosophers follow the same trace. The point of the insignificance of earth and life upon it will deprive man of his position of special honour on earth and in the creation, and will throw away life from its position of honour in the sight of the Creator, and will thus strike at the doctrine of trial, purpose, resurrection and all the religious doctrines. It has to be observed that religion itself has assigned a very low place to the life in this world. But it has done so against the eternal life of the next world for which the sacrifice of this transient life is desirable. But what a difference exists between the two similar approaches to the same question. Our philosophers and the religion both regard this life insignificant. Yet our philosophers strike at the very root of religion by calling the life insignificant, while religion strikes at the root of atheism by calling this life insignificant.

              Science has discovered that Physics played an incomparably great part in the Universe than Biology. From this our philosophers have inferred that unless the Creator were not a magnified man---like being activated by feelings and interests like our own, it were hard to believe that life could from a special interest of the great architect of the universe judging from the utter insignificance of life. If then life were so insignificant in the sight of the Creator, all the doctrinal structure of revealed religion, man's vicergency, trial, purpose, resurrection would stumble down and disappear. A sailor who is capable of forming al ink between the process of tying the knots and the design of the Creator of the universe is in the sight of our philosophers a fellow totally devoid of the faculty of imagination, while monkeys strumming on a type-writer unintelligently were likely to work wonders. Plato or Aristotle would have wondered at such a philosophy appearing in an age in which man's knowledge were regarded to have reached its utmost pinnacles Our philosophers have discovered this universe as indifferent to life, so that emotion, ambition, and achievement, art and religion all were foreign to its plan. For the most part empty space was very cold, and most of the matter was extremely hot. Space was traversed, and astronomical bodies constantly bombarded by radiation of a variety of kinds much of which is probably inimical to, or even destructive of life. And so our philosophers have regarded the universes as actively hostile to life like our own. They have neglected the religious doctrine of man's trial, this world according to religion being a house of trial full of afflictions. Our philosophers, however, have regretted the mistake of man's stumbling into such a universe. How dearly it has to be wished, that the philosophers and the scientists were half as enthusiastic in describing the horrors of atomic war and atomic radiations. Our philosophers have regarded the appearance of life on earth as accidental. If monkeys strumming unintelligently on typewriters infinitely could accidentally produce a book, why then the millions of millions of stars wandering blindly in space for millions of millions of years could not meet with every kind accident including a kind which calls planetary systems into being, and is fit for producing life. How our philosophers have come to such a conclusion is known only to themselves, for, science has hitherto made no discovery in the light of which the accidental nature of the appearance of life could be confirmed. No, but perhaps it is by the force of habit that our philosophers have hit upon a conclusion which at once carries away with it the entire galaxy of the religious doctrines, design, purpose, trial, divine government of the world, resurrection, judgment and life in heaven, and is the reflection of fortuitous of atoms.

              Our philosophers have spoken against the evidence of science, after science has shown that atoms are arranged in a living cell in a particular manner and according to a fixed design. Yet our philosophers have suspected that it is in a blind play of chance that the atoms might have found themselves arranged in a manner in which they are arranged in a living cell. Here the old idea of the fortuitous concourse of atoms evidently appears at play. The only point in which our philosophers have differed from the views of ancient atomism is that of the destructibility of the universe and has anticipated the end of life through either heat-death or some celestial collision or cataclysm. But here too they have regarded the event as final. Nothing of the resurrection is said or alluded to. In fact science could give no guidance in this matter. Yet it is a fundamental doctrine of religion. As far as the question of the purpose of man's existence is concerned, the philosophers have experienced nothing but increased be bewilderment. How it is wished that Sir James Jeans had after writing his “Mysterious Universe" in 1930, written “A manifest threat to the Mysterious Universe", in 1945, alluding to the atomic threat. What a picture would Sir James Jeans have drawn of this most burning topic due to his great ability and particular talent?

              As far as the Quran is concerned, it will be seen to stand-in direct opposition to these ethical philosophic views of the philosophers. It denies accidental nature of creation and asserts a complete design and full control of the Creator, and ascribes a particular purpose to man's existence, and teaches resurrection, and assigns a special place to earth in creation, and declares man as a creature that maintains a place of special interest in the sight of the Creator of this creation.


Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel

Adara Afqar e Gabriel QA St. Nawababad Wah Cantt Distt Rawalpindi Pakistan


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Brother Stair 


Greetings Silsila,this is Brother Stair from the Overcomer Ministry situated on a farm in Walterboro in the USA. I invite you to listen in to the broadcast either via the website or over the radio by many short wave frequencies stated on the website. With deep conviction by the annointing of the holy spirit this is the last day prophet of God proclaiming profoundly that this is the last generation. The overcomer ministry broadcasts 24 hours a day online and you are welcome to listen in to the tabernacle and leave a comment or question upon the broadcasts or scripture.The Ministry address iso Box 691,Walterboro,SC 29488,USA.By Telephone,1-843-701-5053.
It was interesting and informative to view your website and please pray for the Overcomer.

vinod thape 

i want to information of shri imamuddin sarkar & his followers


alhumdullilah a gr8 site.
keep up the good work

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Love the website thanks.

Nasar Hussain 



Syed Razi Aslam Naushahi 

i like this web site .

Shahid Naushahi 

No problem



salaamz brother


Thank you very much for guiding how to download the audio library.


Also thank you for updating all th arecent programmes.


                     Thank You



Shahid Naushahi 

Salaam and apologies for the delay in replying regarding the audio library.

Please download REAL PLAYER and then try again to listen - it should work, Insha-Allah.



salaam brother.

I requested you to reply on guest book about how to listen to manqabats naats and qawalies cos i'm very interested. when it says play then noting happens. i'l be waitin for your reply

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baba zule 


allah hu akbar

Mohammad Ramzan Aziz 




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yousuf gabriel 




By  Sharif Farooq editor Daily Jihad, Daily Nawai Waqt, Rawalpindi, Peshawar Pakistan



Since a few years the articles and essays of Allama Yousuf Gabriel had appeared in continuity. In these essays and articles a particular topic that appeared conspicuous was about the atomic hell and its hazards and the universal destruction of mankind. In the beginning I paid no attention to these articles but when the same topic and the same writer would discuss different aspects of a topic from the Quranic point of view then ultimately the reader is forced to give attention to the topic, particularly when the solution of problem is presented in reference to some divine scriptures and the faith of human beings. Also in the entire world of today, particularly in America, Russia, China, Japan and Europe etc., the topic which receives the greater attention is the same atomic hazards of the future and the atomic destiny of mankind. On one side, man is working miracles in the field of science and is striving from the achievement of every kind of facilities to the end of human diseases; to the extent that by means of artificial heart and artificial liver efforts are being made to revive the dead. While on the other side, upto this time, the most advanced nations of the world have prepared the atomic piles and various germs producing gases to an amount whose one fourth is enough to not only destroy this flourishing world but will cast this world into a sort of a hell whose slightest imagination is enough to cause the human mind to tremble with fear. The great thinkers and the friends of humanity set up demonstrations against the havoc to be wrought by the atomic radiations within these great world powers but all in vain, but:-" the more the treatment is given the worst becomes the disease. Perhaps, in this context the first "Campaign for the Nuclear Disarmament" had started by Bertrand Russell. Some other movements of the same nature are active in those countries. But by the passage of time the atomic destructive activities are on the increase. It is said that the atomic bombs which were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and which caused the death of hundreds of thousand of human beings and even today those parts are incapable of any production, were very small bombs of very low velocity. Man has prepared means of human destruction and in the twinkling of an eye the human race would not only be destroyed but also there shall remain no signs of life on earth. When the civilized man sees the uncivilized ways of the destruction he becomes panicky. In January 1963, I had a chance to speak to the head of NATO (which is the greatest defensive organization in Europe and America) General Norstad in company with a group of Journalists of the common wealth. When I questioned about the sudden outbreak of atomic war, the General disclosed that such arrangements were extent that in case of undeclared atomic war within two or three minutes orders of atomic counterattack be given. However, over the continent of Europe due to fear, war planes equipped with atomic weapons keep on hovering for twenty four hours in the name of defensive purposes. If 22 or 23 years ago  the ability to destroy the world within two or three minutes was achieved then today, on what stage of instant destruction will this world be? Allamah Yousuf Gabriel, who offers the solution of every universal problem and presents the methods of preventing the universal destruction in the light of the teachings of the Quran, remains always in the state of restlessness to save the humanity from Nuclear Destruction. Allamah Yousuf Gabriel is a highly learned scholar with unusually great versatility of subjects; is a celebrity among the distinguished Doctors of Islamic Law and Theology; has unusually great understanding of the Quran and shows equally exceptional knowledge of both the Quran and Science. He is a simple man who lives the life of a dervish in seclusion. If He had been in some other country with organized propaganda machinery behind him then certainly he would have been counted among the greatest thinkers of the world. He would have been declared as a great Harbinger and mouthpiece of world peace and many books would have been written about him and certainly he would have been awarded Noble Prize for peace. But Allama Yousuf Gabriel who passed M.A. without a teacher and who has equally great command over English, Persian and Arabic etc., lives in a small Mohallah Nawababad of Wah Factory in a very ordinary quarter. If anyone would see him he would not consider him deserving better attention than a simple and rustic villager. However, where there is intellectual greatness there the worldly splendour is not needed. Knowledge has its own delight and that is the delight of satisfaction and contentment; a delight from which the material world is deprived. I knew Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel by his articles published but I had no meeting with him. One day when returning from Islamabad, I set out to find him and found him in his quarter. He was astonished. I saw him dressed in simple clothes of local ordinary cloth, wearing simple white turban and standard beard. The accent envisaged rural rusticity, wearing a simple ordinary slipper in his feet, declining age but very strong physique. He took me to a small quarter of his son. His son works in Wah factory. This quarter was his. In the adjoining room was the table of Allama with very ordinary furniture. In every-thing appeared simplicity. I was offered tea in a simple cup. He said to me, “I have rented a room in separation away from here. There I do all my writings”. I was gazing at Allama Yousuf Gabriel in surprise; his simplicity was making its effect upon me. After formal introduction when Allama began to explain the atomic destruction of the world in the scientific Light of Quran, I sat spell bound and amazed at the enlightening ocean of knowledge that came out from the lips of Allama. When he recited the English translation of the relevant signs of the Quran in fluent English, I was astonished. And along-with that he stated the details of a debate which he had with famous German Orientalist PROF. ANNEMARIE  SCHIMMEL. PROF. Schimel denied the divine original of the Quran. Allama Yousuf Gabriel convinced her that the Quran was the book of God and based his debate on the Quranic chapter "Al-Homaza". He shows exceptional great knowledge in the subject of atomic science and atomic radiations. Allama told me that in 1964 BERTRAND RUSSEL, the famous English Philosopher in reply to my letter wrote, " Since Adam and Eve ate the apple, man has never abstained from any folly that he was capable of and the end is atomic hell". Allama said that apparently the surmise of Russell was correct. certainly he was not amiss about the end of mankind as may be seen in the present circumstances, but the prophecy of the Quran about the atomic hell (Chapter-Al-Homaza)is such a miracle in the world of science and philosophy that there is no possibility of refutation either by scientists or the philosophers. The Quran has given the causes of the appearance of the Atomic Hell; therefore it is possible for mankind to escape from atomic doom by removing the causes which the Quran has given as the causes of the appearance of atomic hell. And thus it is due to the hope which the Quran gave to me that I did not follow the suit of Bertrand Russell but rather took my own way in the hope that mankind will be saved from the dreadful end in the Nuclear Fire. The atomic hell of this present transient world is the replica of the Hotama (the term used by the Quran) of the next eternal world and the cause of both the atomic hell and the Hotama are the same and therefore who escaped the punishment of atomic hell in this world they will certainly find the Hotama i.e. the atomic hell of the next world in wait for them. The nature of the debate between Allama Yousuf Gabriel and PROF Annie Marie Schimel was historic. It was to have very far reaching effects. It was in September 1963 that in the Punjab University Lahore, PROF. Annemarie Schimmel had to deliver a lecture form 3'O clock to 5'O clock. The topic was that the Quran was not the word of God but rather the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (May Peace be Upon Him) had written it. Allama Yousuf Gabriel reached the Punjab University at quarter to three and found the seat in the first row on the left side. About twenty celebrated Ulema of Pakistan were present. Four Christian Fathers were also there. Allama Allaud-Din Siddiqui who was the head of Islamiat and thereafter retired as the Vice-Chancellor of Punjab University was in the chair. Exactly at 3'O Clock the learned Scholar PROF. Annemarie Schimmel arrived. She took the seat and asked permission to start the lecture and she began to count mistakes that according to her were in the Quran and she kept on enumerating the mistakes upto 4'O clock. At 4'O clock Allama Allauddin Siddiqui who was in the chair, dragged his chair and brought it on my left side. I said to Allama Alla-ud-Din Siddiqui,"Sir! You have abdicated your throne". His answer was, “brother! I had great expectation in you, but you sit mum. The Ulema also are sitting silent. I being the president have to remain neutral have therefore brought myself into the audience so that I may be able to say something to refute the view of the Madam". I said to Allama Allau-din - Siddiqui, “Allama Sahib! Is the Quran yours?" He said, "No". Then I said, “Am I the author of the Quran?" His answer was no. Then I said, “To God belongs the Quran and certainly God is the best protector of his word. Let us admire the Madam". (Actually God was making such arrangements that would give Allama Yousuf Gabriel a chance to refute the Madam. Even when she was delivering the lecture, the act of leaving the chair by Allama Allaud Din puzzled the lady and she stopped the lecture and thus Allama Yousuf Gabriel found the chance to stand up and discuss the topic with her.) Madam's lecture was in English. Allama Yousuf Gabriel stood up and addressed the lady in English. The following dialogue was recorded:-

GABRIEL "Madam! You deny the Quran's divine original because you think there are mistakes in the Quran. Surely Madam There are no mistakes. Quran is free from mistakes. You are mistaken. Btu there is no time that I may clear those mistakes which you say, are in the Quran. I will therefore leave this side to you and will show you something in this Quran which nobody knew accept the God when the Quran was revealed to the Holy Prophet  (May Peace be Upon him)"

MADAM:- "What is that?"

GABRIEL:" Pray Madam tell me, when the Quran was revealed or was written by the Prophet as you think?".

MADAM: "1380 years ago".

GABRIEL "And when atom bomb was made?".

MADAM:-"In 1945 two atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan by the American bombers".

GABRIEL The Quran was revealed 1380 years ago while atom bomb was made in 1945. Is there some distance between the two dates?".

MADAM:"Yes! There are centuries intervening".

GABRIEL:-"Madam! Please look into your conscience and say, was it possible that 1380 years ago in the country of Beduins, in the city of Mecca, an illiterate person (Muhammad, Peace be upon him, was admittedly a person who never had read any book nor had held a pen in his hand to write) would write a book in pure Arabic and name it the "Quran" and in that Quran he would write a chapter about the theory of modern atomism and give the essence of atomic science and portray the atomic bomb explosion, giving the theory of atomism as the cause of the appearance of atomic hell that is the atomic bombs and atomic radiations; all in about 36 words. Do you not consider it a miracle of the Quran?".

MADAM:-"Are you in sense?". Is it possible to find the atomic science and atomic bomb in the Quran because the Quran was written 1380 years ago at a time when here was no modern science in the world while the atomic science appeared in 19th century, and the atomic bomb made its appearance in the world in 1945. Further the Quran is not a book of science; it is a book of religion. Science could not be expected in the Quran. I have myself read the Quran, nor any of the Muslim Ulema has ever mentioned the existence of atomic science or the description of atomic bomb in Quran".

GABRIEL:-"Madam! I never drink hashish, nor have I uttered anything that might envisaged the derangement of man's mind. In reality you only think it impossible to find atomic science and the description of atomic bomb in a book which appeared 1380 years ago when there was no vestige of modern science in the entire world. So far as you think that the Quran is a book of religion and no science could be expected in that book is a notion quite wrong. If you have read the Quran you certainly might have read the claim of Quran in two places wherein the Quran says:-

'WE HAVE DISPLAYED FOR MANKIND IN HE QURAN ALL KINDS OF SIMILITUDES". The tribes of Aad and Thamud were destroyed by the worth of God. The Quran mentions their destruction many times. These tribes were no more than a Muhallah of Lahore, that is, were no more than a few hundred thousands whereas the

use of atomic bombs in the world atomic war means such a destruction of the entire life on earth from Tokyo to New York that no signs of life would be left anywhere. The Quran which mentions the destruction of the tribes of Aad and Thamud with great zeal, why should it not mention the destruction done by the atomic bombs that would involve all life on entire earth. What about the Quran's claim that of displaying for mankind all kinds of similitudes. Certainly the Quran has treated almost all of the subjects of human knowledge. If no Ulema has ever mentioned the existence of atomic science and the description of atomic bomb in the Quran, there is no wonder because this fact I discovered only last year and have not disclosed anywhere. You are the first person to here it".

MADAM:-"Show me where is that?".

GABRIEL:" Please read the Chapter "Al-Homaza", the 104th Chapter of the Quran."

MADAM:" I am not Hafiz. (Hafiz means a person ho has memorized the Quran).

GABRIEL:" Shall I myself read it or shall I fetch the Quran for evidence?".

MADAM:" You read it. If you will read wrong I will catch you. I know the Quran".

GABRIEL" In the name of God, the beneficent, the merciful. Woe unto every slanderer and back-biter who heapeth up riches (of this world) and prepareth the same

(for the times to come). He thinketh that his riches will render him immortal. By no means. He shall surely be cast into Al-Hotama. And what shall cause thee to understand what Al-Hotama is?" Pray tell me Madam! What is Hotama?

MADAM:" Your commentators write that Hotama is a sort of fire which grinds the things into powder due to the intensity of its flame".

GABRIEL:" You are quite right Madam. The answer which you have given to my question shows that you really have appreciable study of the Quran. However, the answer which you have given is the answer of the commentators of the Quran that reveals their admirable knowledge. For your information the term "Atom"" used by the scientist is wrong for atom means that which cannot be broken while the scientist himself has broken the

Atom into parts. On the other hand, "Hotama" the term used by the Quran means that which breaks and this is the term which is correctly used regarding the topic. “Hotama" is a noun derived from "Hatama" which means to break. Its second form is "Hattama" which means to break with great intensity. For example you have a glass in your hand and you violently strike it against the rock and the glass explodes into pieces. The last form is "Tahattama" which means to explode. It can be easily seen how far the terminology of the Quran in this context is correct, and how far the word "Atom" as used by the scientist is erroneous. Indeed Madam! When we compare the nuclear explanations given by the scientists to those which are given by the Quran, we can clearly see the difference between the human mind of the scientist and the divine mind of the Quran. The difference is that of a human being and the God. "God says, " What shall cause thee what Al-Hotama is?". And thereafter God explains Al-Hotama. “It is a kindled fire of God which shall mount above the hearts (of those who shall be cast therein) verily (It shall be as) an arched vault above them, on columns of vast extent. (Quran Chapter-104 Al-Homaza). These are the distinct characteristics of atomic phenomenon, and the characteristics which distinguish the Nuclear Phenomenon from the chemical Phenomenon and indeed from every other kind of Phenomenon to be found in the world. This explanation of the atomic fire as is given by the Quran and apparently very simple, is in itself a miracle of knowledge. No atomic scientist in the world could ever be competent enough to describe the characteristics of atomic phenomenon in the manner in which the Quran has described. The Quran says, Atomic Fire is the fire of God enkindled. No doubt, the millions of the degrees of temperature seen in the atomic fire could never be expected in the Chemical Fire. The Quran says Hotama is a fire which mounts above the hearts. No doubt, the explosion of the atomic bomb at first kills its victims by giving shock to their hearts. But further study of the subject reveals a particular attraction of atomic radiations for the heart or that which is related to heart. The Quran says verily the atomic fire shall be as an arched wall above them. No better description of atomic bomb explosion could be given. But the research further takes us to the bounds which far exceeds the bounds found by the modern atomic scientist. Pray tell me Madam! Have you ever seen the atomic bomb explosion?".

MADAM: "No! If I had seen the atomic bomb explosion, how could I be here, for that certainly kills the person".

GABRIEL:" Have you seen any photograph of an atomic bomb explosion Madam? Is there any column to be observed?".

MADAM:"Yes!  The column of Hiroshima bomb rose to the height of four miles".

GABRIEL:That Madam!  The Quran says, "On columns of vast extent". The rising column of the atomic bomb explosion rises changing various colours indeed very magnificent to see. For your information, the column of the 20 megaton Thermo Nuclear bomb which is called the Hydrogen bomb and the Hell-Bomb, rises to the height of 20 miles and has a diameter of 3 miles. Madam ! If you sat on the peak of Himalaya called Mount Everest, the peak which was conquered a few years

ago by Sir John Hunt and his party, and you looked through a telescope, and before your eyes in the plain of Panipat where in the past so many battles have been fought, rose atomic bomb's explosions in one thousand square miles in an arranged symmetry, just as the trees grow in a garden. You would see a magnificent seen of rising columns of atomic explosions changing beautiful colours and rising to the height of 20 miles and there covered by a beautiful roof. You would think that it was a magnificent palace of some great Emperor or some great Amphi-Theatre that was being constructed. No Madam! It was Al-Hotama as is described by the Quran. It is a sort of Hell Fire in which anything is cast, is crushed into the particles of atoms. The Quran in the beginning of this Chapter Al-Homaza has given the causes of the appearance of Hotama and its replica in this world that may be called the Atomic Hell. The First of these causes is the slander and back-biting which is the habit universally seen in this modern age of Baconian materialism. The second cause is the accumulation of riches which also is the basic feature of this modern culture. The Third cause is the belief that the wealth will keep on increasing eternally. This also is a recognized feature of this science-guided materialism. This belief of the people

 is so strong that they may be said to think that they will achieve immortality due to their wealth, and that the monuments of their wealth will become immortal. To which the Quran says by no means. Both they and the monuments of their wealth will be plunged into the crushing Hotama. All these three characteristics, namely the slander, the accumulation of wealth and the complete faith in the eternity of the accumulated wealth are the basic features of the theory of modern atomism that is the Baconian Philosophy of fruit and utility. The debate ended with the fall of Madam on the Chair. Madam fell on the chair. There is difference between the sitting on the chair and falling on the chair. She had received a severe shock. Her mission had failed. She had received an answer which really had convinced her of the truth of the argument and had explicitly falsified her own view. In reality, she was converted to Islam at that very moment because she had seen a clear truth of the divine original of the Quran, which she had intended to destroy. She departed. Afterwards, the Ulema, who were the main audience of PROF. Annemarie Schimmel, asked Allama Alla-ud-Din Siddiqui about me because they did not know me because I had always struggled in seclusion.

 To them Allama Allauddin Siddiqui said:-" Respectable Ulema! This is a man whom the providence has created in the Muslim Nation by chance. The intellectual light of knowledge and the light of the Quran which the providence has bestowed on him, if your nation will fail to benefit by that hen God will never forgive your nation. One like him will not be found in this nation". 



Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel

C/O Khalid General Strores, Main Bazar, Nawababad, Wah Cantt. Distt. Rawalpindi,






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Shaykh Faheem 

As Salaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuhu

All prise is due to Allah, Peace and choicets salutations upon his most Beloved, Muhammadur Rsoolullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

it is always good to see Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah thriving. my sincere dua is to the people responsible for this website, May you continue to uplift the deen via your Shaykh's duas.


Shaykh Faheem
Media Dept.
Islamic Lifestyle Solutions, South Africa

Shahid Naushahi 

This website is dedicated to Qibla Pir Sahib. From Hadhrat Ghaus Paak (ra) to Hadhrat Nausha Ganj Bakhsh Qadri (ra), there has been many Khalifaahs. From Hadhrat Nausha Ganj Bakhsh Qadri (ra) to Pir Syed Mahroof Hussain Shah Sahib Arif Naushahi Qadri, there has been many khalifahs. Nobody can deny the effort made by Khalifah Yaseen Sahib (ra), however, please remember that this website is dedicated to Qibla Pir Sahib. Many Khalifahs have passed away over the years and each and every one of them have a muqaam which is "servant of Silsila Qadria Naushahia". By mentioning the "passing away" of Khalifah Yaseen Sahib (ra), this will not change anything - it will not elevate his status, it will not decrease his status. Videos have been received of Khalifah Yaseen Sahib (ra) and these will be uploaded in due course.

Once again, I reiterate that this website is dedicated to Qibla Pir Sahib and that's the way it will stay insha'Allah - please do not forget that.


Shahid Naushahi - Website Administrator



Assalamoalaikum dear sisters and brothers in Islam.
I am an devotee of silsala Qadria Naushahia and have Allahamdullilah been bayath with this Silsala a long time.

I have been searching this site for months for a mention of Khalifah Muhammed Yasin Qureshi Naushahi Sahib (may Allah subhanawatalah grant him Jan'ah-ameen) who was an absolute devotee and pious person in the Preston community. He created an atmosphere of truth and the greatest knowledge with just his presence.

He is and was a great Khalifah to Kibla Pir Sahib and is very dear to him. I would like to ask why there is no mention of Khalifa Sahib's passing away on this site?

As a true believer of Silsila Qadria Naushahia I would like and also when i speak of this i am sure that other brothers and sisters of this Silsila would like to some kind of mention or page just in rememberence for this Khalifah who devoted his love, life and faith for Islam and Silsala Qadria Naushahia.

I would be greatful if you could fulfil this request.


shaukat awan 


Dear Awan brothers!

If you want to know the history of Awans of India, kindly contact the following person:-

Mr. Zubair Ahmad is doing research on Salar Sahu, Masud Ghazi (India).


Mr.Zubair Ahmed Gulzari,

Gulzar Associates, Contractors, Architects and Engineers,

Office 464, St. 63, G-9/4, Islamabad. (Pakistan)

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Asalaamu Alaikum,

please can you upload salah time table for jamiyath tbligh ul islam?

yousuf gabriel 




Dear Awan Brothers and interested personalities.


The following books will be presented on the Website of in near future.

Kindly consult and give us your comments.


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2.                  Miratul Awan

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5.                  Yadgare Aslaf by Malik Khuda Bakhsh Awan of Khabekki

6.                  Tazkara tul awan by Malik Sher Mohammad Kalabagh

7.                  Awan Gotain by Malik Mohabbat Hussain Awan

8.                  Omdatul talib (Arabic)

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10.              Awan tarikh kay ainay main by Malik Mohabbat Hussain Awan

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20.              Tarikh mashaikh azam by Syed Zainunl Abidin Alvi

21.              Tehqiqul awan Khawas Khan

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24.              Nasbul Salihin

25.              Miratul masudi

26.              Tarikh awan by Malik Mohammad Perve Awan of Azad Kashmirz

27.              Tehqiqul ansab by Abdul Karim Awan Kashmir

28.              Alvi Awan Tarikh two volumes by Mohabbat Hussain Awan

29.              Karb e durum by Dost Mohammad Mohib, Wadi Soan Sakaser Khoshab

30.              Bar dar janan Saqib Malik Poetry

31.              Sanwal tum sangit ho by Saqib Malik Poetry

32.              Tarikh Alvi  by Khursheed Ahmad Alvi Karachi

33.              Awan Shakhsiat Azad Kashmir by Malik Mohabbat Hussain Awan

34.              Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel Hayat o khidmat by Prof. Tassadaq Hussain ( it is composed of history of Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel and valley Soan and Awan history also)

35.        Alvi Awan  Qabila. Mughtasar Taaraf – by Allama Muhammad yousuf Gabriel

36.       Awan by Abdul Aziz Awan, Rawalpindi


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